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Dojo Roadmap

Version 4.0


  • Upgrade codebase to leverage TypeScript 3.0
  • Dragon: New VDOM engine
    • Better VDOM debugging
    • Enhanced VDOM scheduler
    • meta mechanism api changes
    • Support lazy loading widgets directly with w()
    • Explore a new combined v() and w() wrapper
  • Consolidate existing dojo/framework/core modules
  • New dojo platform for polyfills and ponyfills
  • Decorator to implicitly call invalidate for a widget on setting a property
  • Functional approach to defining a routing outlet
  • Widget that provides a prompt before a route transition to prevent a user navagating away
  • ActiveLink in Routing
  • Local storage middleware for Stores
  • StoreProvider component to inject the store into an application


  • Zero configuration, route-based code splitting.
  • Zero configuration code splitting based on build time rendering heuristics
  • Support static resources in build commands.
  • Externals support for build app command.
  • Theme build command
  • New widget library target for cli-build-widget
  • Improvements to cli-create-widget
  • .dojorc validation
  • Ability to save arguments from cli to .dojorc
  • Update postcss-cssnext to postcss-preset-env, as part of this for non-legacy builds do not compile CSS variables

Widgets and Themes

  • Leverage @dojo/scripts for widgets and themes
  • Process themes through PostCSS/css-modules for distributable (like widgets) and continue to deliver the source CSS
  • Revisit api consistency and document approaches for widgets
  • Input Chip widget
  • Date picker widget
  • Snackbar widget
  • Menu widget
  • Card widget


  • dgrid wrapper


  • Resolve outstanding CodeSandbox issues with typings and using themes

Upgrade Path

  • Continue to evolve the upgrade command for migration of future major version updates.